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In lieu of a blog, this page is here for posting updates on current works-in-progress as well as upcoming releases. If you wish to be notified on newly released books, please go to my Contact Page and click the "Follow" button for email updates.

Now Available: 'The Rusted Lily'

My second long novella under the Gothic Novellas collection is The Rusted Lily, a gay gothic horror story inspired by classic Victorian ghost fiction. It's available in e-book and print formats through this site as well as my Books2Read author page. Print copies are available through Amazon. To access other online stores, please click the Books2Read link on the header above. To purchase directly from here, please click the button below.

Publishing News

I've made a change on the Ghost Stories collection both here and at my Books2Read page. It's now called Gothic Novellas because I'd like to expand a little on the subjects of the long novellas I'm planning to write in the future. As noted in the description box on the collection page, the books will be gothic in nature, which includes not only ghost stories, but vampire fiction and other books with a strong focus on the supernatural.

And within this collection are sub-collections. So far I've published two novellas under the Ghost Stories sub-collection, and future books that aren't specifically ghost fiction will have their own sub-collection titles.

Future Releases

The House of Creeping Dolls (2022)

The fifth and final book in the Ghosts and Tea series will be released this October, 2022. All sequels following this series will be published as long novellas under the same collection.

Eidolon (2022)

Along with The House of Creeping Dolls, this book will be the last novel-length work of fiction I'll be writing and publishing. For now there's no target month for this book's release, but it will be out sometime in the last quarter of 2022. All future books in the Curiosities series will be published as long novellas.

Primavera (2023)

This book is an overhaul and expansion of a previously published novella of a much shorter length. Since it's expected to be published under the Gothic Novellas collection, the fully revised and updated book will be closer to 50K words in length. It will be the first book to be published under the sub-heading Grotesqueries.

The Heart of Ameinias (2023)

This book will be the first sequel to my Ghosts and Tea series. All future books following Prue and Freddy's adventures will be published in this format of close to 50K words in length and will also follow the same narrative form of epistolary fiction.

The House of Ash (2023)

As with the non-sequels published under the Gothic Novellas collection, this book will be a standalone and won't require previous reading of other books. Under the new sub-heading Grotesqueries, this long novella will be vampire fiction.

Antiphon (2023 or 2024)

This will be the first of subsequent published books in the Curiosities series that will be in long novella format. At the moment there's no set publication date as it depends entirely on how I manage the previous books on my calendar.