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This page is here with publishing news and updates without the unnecessary chatter. I do maintain a social media presence over at Tumblr and Mastodon, whose link is above. For new release alerts, please go to my CONTACT PAGE and click the "follow" button for email alerts.

'Eidolon' Now Available {12.01.22}

The third and final book in my Curiosities collection is now out in both e-book and print. Print books are distributed via Ingram, which means a broader range of stores where Eidolon can be purchased. Please check my Books2Read page for updates. That site will continue to post links, and I'll be adding them over time.

Move to Tumblr {10.31.22}

I've decided to dust off my old TUMBLR ACCOUNT and use it for my primary social media presence. It's there for longer and more detailed updates regarding my books and maybe a random thing here and there. It's linked to Twitter, which I've abandoned given that platform's downward spiral. I've also opened a MASTODON ACCOUNT for quick updates and socialization, so if you're at any of those sites, feel free to give me a nudge, and I'll be happy to follow back.

'Eidolon' Now Listed for Pre-Order {10.10.22}

Eidolon is now listed for pre-order over at my BOOKS2READ page. Payhip doesn't have a pre-order feature at the moment, so I won't be posting the link from my website's store until the release day. The print book will also be made available around three days prior to the release of the e-book, and I'll be sharing the link here when that happens.

'Eidolon' Finished with Updated Release Date {10.2.22}

The third and final novel for my CURIOSITIES series is now finished, polished, and submitted to DRAFT2DIGITAL for pre-order listing. I also changed the release date by bumping it up to December 1 (originally planned for a December 16 release). Please note that this series is pretty much done. If new story ideas come along in the future, the books will be written and published as long novellas. By and large, however, CURIOSITIES is finished as a series.

Amazon Delisting {09.24.22}

As a response to recent problems involving TikTok influencers encouraging people to read and return e-books to Amazon (treating a store like a library), I've decided to pull the following collections from Amazon: ARCANA EUROPA, DOLORES, MASKS, and my MISCELLANEOUS GAY YA / NA BOOKS. Until Amazon changes their return policy, which is clearly open to abuse, I'm keeping those books off that store. They're still available from Kobo, Apple, B&N, etc. They're also available here in both .epub and .mobi formats with the added bonus of permanent coupons when purchased directly from this site.