Newest Release

The next long novella in the Grotesqueries gothic fiction collection is now available for purchase. This is a standalone book that clocks in at 50,000 words exactly and is priced at 99 cents for the e-book and $9.00 for the print.

The book is gothic horror with a side plot of a gay romance; however, the primary story is vampire fiction set in an AU Victorian Europe. Please visit my bookstore for purchase links.

A BIT OF NEWS: I've noted on my home page that the release date for Ada and the Singing Skull has been pushed back to Dec. 1. It's to ensure that The House of Ash enjoys some extra time following its release. Of course, I've also (very theatrically) updated the information below (behold the strikethrough!). And as far as I can see, there's no change anticipated for the books set to be published in 2024.

Available for Pre-Order

Ada and the Singing Skull will follow The House of Ash on Nov. 16 Dec. 1. It's the second long novella sequel to my five-book epistolary fiction novel series. As with the previous book (The Heart of Ameinias), this one will be episodic but will still follow a logical timeline.

The book is now listed for pre-order. As with my other books, even the long novellas, this will be available in both e-book (99 cents) and print ($9.00). Any price changes in the print book will be noted here. Go to the book page for the blurb and the link to online stores. More links will come the closer we get to the release date.

Calendar Snapshot

The image below showcases my planned releases for 2024. At the moment I'm banking on a five-month release schedule, which means one year will see two books published, and the next year will see three. However, all that really depends on a number of factors, many of which are beyond my control. So if I don't follow through on that, I'll fall back to a six-month calendar instead, which means two books every year from 2024 onward, and I'll update the banner below with the correct release dates.

2024 publishing calendar

2024 will also see the last book I'll be writing for my Ghosts and Tea collection. The original series actually runs five books long (novels), while whatever follows is a long novella sequel. As it stands, I only have enough story ideas for three sequels, and I'll quit while I'm ahead and not draw the series out unnecessarily. At any rate, Freddy and Prue's adventures will continue well beyond the end of the last book, and it's safe to say, everything will end happily for everyone when the final book comes out.