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Now Available: 'The Rusted Lily' in E-Book and Print

I thought of taking advantage of the blog feature of this site and using it for announcing releases and providing extra links (i.e., might as well cover as many bases as I can since I've got all these spiffy features to play with in addition to social media). So this is a bit of a retro post (sort of) since the book actually released back in May 1.

Here you go:

The second book in my Ghost Stories collection / series is now available in both e-book and print. A standalone long novella of 50,000 words exactly, it's a classic Victorian ghost story set in an unspecified location in 19th century France.

While the MC is gay, it's not a gay romance even though there's a hint of one in the story. As with other classic ghost stories, there are mysteries in this book that can't be unraveled, and some questions are left unanswered. Atmosphere and gothic themes are king.

The e-book is 99 cents, and you can get a copy directly from this site or through Books2Read if you prefer to scour other online stores. The print book is $9.00 and is available from Amazon for the time being.