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I write stories I love to read -- that means lots of ghosts and haunted houses and cursed places with a touch of gay romance. I use a generic, gender-neutral pen name for my books, but I'm a she/her.

Book Update: Four Sequels to 'Masks' Trilogy Now Listed at Amazon
And we're now all up to date. The rest of the books in my Masks gay YA superhero series are finally listed over at Amazon, too, after a few months spent in limbo following the debacle involving the original trilogy. It took longer for these books to ...
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Book Update: 'Masks: The Original Trilogy' Now on Amazon (Finally!)
So the reason why I originally opened a Payhip shop was because Amazon blocked my republished superhero trilogy in its new (and final) format of a mega-novel when I first submitted the formatted file to Draft2Digital. Apparently there was an illegal ...
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Book Update: 'Eidolon' ('Curiosities' No. 3)
My current problem child -- which began as a novel and then evolved into a long novella -- is back to being a novel again because the long novella target length of no more than 50K words isn't going to work. In short, I don't have enough room to succ...
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Now Available: 'The Rusted Lily' in E-Book and Print
I thought of taking advantage of the blog feature of this site and using it for announcing releases and providing extra links (i.e., might as well cover as many bases as I can since I've got all these spiffy features to play with in addition to socia...
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