And the Dust Finally Settles, Yay

All right, so… looks like I’m done messing with my site.

What I’ve done, guys, was retire my previous blog by turning it private and not deleting it. I can’t delete it. Not yet, anyway. It contains way too many useful things there from nine years of posting all kinds of stuff, and I might need them down the line. With the help of WordPress Support, I was able to redirect my domain name to this new root address (or whatever they called it), so this is now my new home.

As you can see, it’s severely streamlined, and that’s exactly how I want it. I at first planned NOT to use pages, but a new blog comes with an About page and a Contact page, and I couldn’t ignore them (I could, technically, by removing them via my menu admin page thing). If WordPress offered a contact widget containing a form that visitors can use, I’d have happily taken advantage of that instead.

The reason for the streamlining involves my move to full-on self-publishing starting this year. And I’d like my site and blog to reflect that shift in direction. I don’t need to maintain my old backlist of traditionally published books anymore since I’m no longer updating them. So if you go to my book page, you’ll see a banner that’ll take you to my author page over at JMS Books, LLC. It’s a one-stop shop, in a way, listing all of the books I’ve released through them in all formats (print and e-book). From this point on, I’ll be listing my self-published titles on one page, which is also very basic and minimalist – the way I want it.

If Twitter weren’t on choppy waters right now, what with their financial troubles and problems involving harassment and so on, I’d have given up my site in favor of it. I’ve seen just how much “traffic” my tweets enjoy, and I’ve had surprising numbers of link clicks where my books are concerned. Since I tend to be followed by like-minded folks, particularly those interested in reading and/or writing LGBT fiction, it’s far easier to get people’s attention that way compared to my more sedate blog. Plus it’s way easier to talk to them in short, quick bursts now and then or throughout the day, depending on how much time I have to mingle. Maybe I’ll end up deleting this blog sometime next year – who knows? At least I made sure to use my author page over at All Romance E-Books for my all-purpose link on my Twitter profile page.

Until Twitter gets its problems sorted out and finds a buyer, I’ll have to hold on to my blog for backup. And so far, this is the result. It might not look terribly exciting, but it’s functional. And that’s really all I ask.

Author: Hayden

Ghost story enthusiast. Wannabe geek. Cycling fan. Tea addict. Creepy cat owner. Writer of LGBT young adult and new adult speculative fiction.

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