And now we have the print anthology containing all nine short stories that I recently released. :D Nope, it’s not available in e-book format, and the great thing is that when you purchase directly from Queerteen Press, it’ll cost you $1.50 less, and there’s no time limit on that discount. Pretty cool, eh?

So here’s the book blurb:

Strange music from a legendary haunted glade can only be heard by a special boy. A grieving young man turns to the dark arts to bring his deceased lover back. A soiled and tired knight protects the innocent from the threat of a dragon. Young love blooms in a desolate garden.

Familiar and original fairy tales, myths, and legends explore the complexities in a gay teen’s coming-of-age through allegory and metaphor. Rain-drenched circuses, old wives’ tales involving candles in windows, water-irises deep in a wood, lonely fairy kings, and magical Christmas parties not only present valuable lessons, but also provide an escape into worlds in which a gay teen can see himself as the amazing, resilient hero of adventures and romance.

And the list of stories it contains:

* The Haunted Glade
* Out of the Depths
* The Dollhouse
* The Winter Garden
* The Knight
* Erl-King
* Clouds’ Illusions
* The Bridge
* The Water-Irises

Go to this page to check out links to the different stories and to sample one of them. And to those who’ve bought and read any or all of the short stories in e-book format, I hope you enjoyed them, and thanks so much for taking a chance. :)