I don’t know if other writers go through this, but I tend to suffer through the writing process during the day. When I started publishing five years ago, I sailed through my writing at night – I’m talking late night, i.e., from 10 pm onward, not going to bed till around 1 am, sometimes 2 am. It’s not like that now, and I’m having the worst time focusing.

This is me when I don't reach my goals.

For the past couple of years (three?), I’ve been writing during the afternoon on my days off. And the process is sheer hell. I always sit down at noon with my lunch, and I use that time to catch up on emails (though not necessarily responding to them) and then opening up my .doc files to reread what I’ve written so far.

Now technically that should get me going, having re-familiarized myself with the story, but it never, ever happens that way.

I just can’t get going once I’m on. Ideas come excruciatingly slowly. The motivation’s absent. I’d rather read or do something else, not write, and yet, the afternoon, when it’s all quiet and nice around here, is really the most optimal time for me to be creative.

I guess there’s such a thing as a person’s “creative hours”, when he’s at his most focused and most inspired. I probably need to go back to writing at night, though what grates is the fact that I’ll be losing out on proper sleep, which will affect the following day for me.

Today I didn’t have any reason to stall or lose interest or energy, etc., but I did. In fact, I lost all interest in Helleville after tweaking with it a little that I shifted my attention to Rose and Spindle and lightly reworked that. Now I’ve got two works-in-progress in hand, which I didn’t want, but my interest for both stories is now divided. I need to ignore one and keep plugging away at the other.

How very annoying. I feel like I’ve just wasted an entire afternoon on nothing but fiddling with this or that and in the end, have nothing to show for it but divided attention.