6 thoughts on “Dr. Morbid – It Is Done!

  1. I’m so terribly excited! Urgh, Masks #5 is coming out in a few days isn’t it? Urgh, I won’t be able to buy it until my student loan comes in, and I finish my exams. Seriously though, it’s going to be such a treat. :)

    So glad I found you on the internet.

    A London fan!

    1. Mimi Attacks! comes out tomorrow (Sunday). Hey, no worries about the money bit. Been there, done that. I feel you, really. You’ve got to take care of more important stuff first. :) And thanks for the cheer!

  2. I just check and ;Mimi Attacks’ came out on the 5th! Well, it’s a good thing I didn’t know, because I didn’t have money then either. ;_:

    Being a poor student is the bane of my life. I swear as soon as I get my loan in. I’m buying all your books, you’re such a good writer. Idek.

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