Hello and thanks so much for stopping by! This is my new home on the web, which I've tried to whittle down to just the most important elements. I thought at first to keep this website a single page space for all pertinent information about my published books; however, I figured I can break up the mass of information between shorter pages instead for an easier read. This site is also a work-in-progress, so each visit will probably yield a different appearance or boast a new page or two. Do excuse the dust.

If you'd like to sign up for publishing alerts delivered to your inbox, please go to my bookstore and click "follow" on my author page. For quick updates on upcoming and recent releases, please visit my Book News page.


Sept. 27, 2023: I decided to get rid of the dropdown menu on the navigation bar because it wasn't working as well as I hoped it would on a smaller screen, so I created a main gallery page that provides all of the links to individual books' pages.

Sept. 26, 2023: The gallery page for Ada and the Singing Skull is now up. Go here to read up on some of the inspiration behind the book as well as real-life models for some of the characters. Now even though the page says the book's available in digital and print formats, it's still in pre-order mode.

Sept. 3, 2023: Ada and the Singing Skull is now available for pre-order! I updated the Book News page as well as the Book List page with the link to Books2Read. The long novella -- the second sequel to the five-novel series Ghosts and Tea -- will be out on December 1. A gallery page will also be put up when the time gets close enough, and an update will be posted here.

Sept. 2, 2023: Added a dropdown menu to my Gallery link so that I've got individual gallery pages for the books I'll be publishing from The House of Ash onward. What I'm hoping to do is to keep an archive of these pages since I'm no longer blogging in the traditional way. They'll all serve the same purpose as blog posts since I used to blog incessantly about the books I write about, anyway, including all the things that inspired me throughout their creation. Visitors will be able to access these pages all the time.

I am considering putting together gallery pages for the Grotesqueries collection, actually, starting from A Castle for Rowena. It's a labor-intensive project, so once that's done (if it gets done), I'll post an update here.

Aug. 31, 2023: I decided to push the release date back for Ada and the Singing Skull to Dec. 1 (originally planned for Nov. 16). It isn't because the book isn't going to be ready on time, but it's to allow The House of Ash some extra time in the spotlight before another book takes its place. Please watch this space for more information the closer we get to the publication date.

Regarding Goodreads and Social Media

Please note that my Goodreads bibliography is not accurate because it includes so many short stories and editions that are no longer available. For the most updated and comprehensive list of my published work, my author page on Books2Read is the only place to go to.

For social media, I'm only on one platform now, and it's Mastodon. If you have an account at one of the instances in the fediverse, you're more than welcome to follow me for updates on writing and other random stuff since I'm using that platform for my microblogging needs. And I'll be happy to follow you back.