Hello and thanks so much for stopping by! This is my new home on the web, which I've tried to whittle down to just the most important elements. I thought at first to keep this website a single page space for all pertinent information about my published books; however, I figured I can break up the mass of information between shorter pages instead for an easier read. This site is also a work-in-progress, so each visit will probably yield a different appearance or boast a new page or two. Do excuse the dust.

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Recent Releases

The following banner showcases the five most recent published books. Go to my bookstore for links to online stores for both digital and print editions.

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Dec. 1, 2023: Ada and the Singing Skull is now available in e-book and print! I've updated the Book News page with links as well as a small glimpse of what to expect with the book following this, which is Nightshade's Emporium. My Book List page is also updated.

Nov. 18, 2023: The gallery page for Primavera is now up. If you look closely at my Gallery Page, you'll see I've skipped over Eidolon and The House of Creeping Dolls when I added The Rusted Lily for the next page that's under construction. The reason is that I'll only be working on gallery pages for my long novella releases, not novels (as noted in a previous update below).

Nov. 11, 2023: I updated the Book News page with new banners for both the 2024 and 2025 calendars. The 2025 calendar also reflects the removal of Madrigal from my planned releases.

Oct. 29, 2023: The gallery page for The Heart of Ameinias is up and running. As you can see, I've already begun work on updating my Gallery Page with the long novellas preceding The House of Ash. Only the long novellas I'll be writing and publishing will be showcased with their own gallery pages since that's the length I'm now focusing on.

Oct. 25, 2023: I took down Madrigal from my Book List Page because none of the ideas I had planned for the book are gelling at all, and I don't want to force things. Voices in the Briars is still a go and will be bumped up (or stay in its original projected release date of mid-2025). Another book will take the place of Madrigal as I've already got interesting notes laid out for another contemporary gothic horror book. As always, I'll post updates here.

Regarding Goodreads and Social Media

Please note that my Goodreads bibliography is not accurate because it includes so many short stories and editions that are no longer available. For the most updated and comprehensive list of my published work, my author page on Books2Read is the only place to go to.

After a long struggle maintaining a social media presence, I've decided to remove myself entirely from all platforms. I will miss the interactions and other fun and interesting moments, but I've never been very good at such things, being more of a solitary type who prefers to listen and watch from a distance. My "last stand" was on Mastodon, which has been a true eye-opener, a platform that showed me it's still very much possible to be online without the baggage of a centralized space. It's also from Mastodon where I rediscovered my affection for DIY site-building using some good old self-taught HTML, which eventually led to the creation of this site.

That said, this website will contain everything visitors will need to know about my new and upcoming books. I'm no longer blogging as well, but that kind of content is now redirected via my Gallery Page. Please do check it out now and then for new pages.

And for those of you who've kept up with me all these years since 2008, thank you so, so much for your dedication. It's humbling, and I'll forever be grateful to all of you. Thank you. Now onward and upwards!