Feeling A Little Too Much Like Rip Van Winkle

Heavens to Hepzibah. Hello, world, I’m still here. If anything, the past week’s been more like a haze-filled trip through some shadowy, web-festooned corner of an undead Narnia.

My previous week perfectly captured in classic cheese.

The year continues to be… a rather interesting one, though I’ll have to admit that March is a vast improvement from January and especially February. I don’t feel as overwhelmed and asphyxiated, though I still have a pretty full plate.

So firstly, a couple of out-of-print announcements (or more like a heads up of):

By March 31st, both Masks: Ordinary Champions and The Glass Minstrel in e-book format will be unavailable for purchase. The Glass Minstrel in print will still be available till the end of June. Good news is that both books are already safely placed with Queerteen Press for publication, and here’s the release calendar for my upcoming titles:

April 6 – Banshee
May 4 – Wollstone
June 1 – Grave’s End
June 30 – The Book of Lost Princes (print)
July 13 – Masks: Evolution
August 10 – The Glass Minstrel

No word yet on the release date for Masks: Ordinary Champions, but you’ll definitely hear from me. Happily enough, the 2nd edition for the entire Masks series will be published within a year from the first book’s release. If you’re just getting into the first book, you won’t have to wait a long time for the rest.

The next book to revert to me after these will be The Twilight Gods. Oh, yikes. Ain’t got no time to play this year, man. At the same time, the experience has been exhilarating in spite of the mental and physical fatigue of slogging through edits after edits after edits. Things will slow down after Curse of Arachnaman since Desmond and Garrick was released a little further out. I’ll go over my plans for that series when the time comes.

In other news, I’ve been dancing everywhere since I found out that Pixar’s working on a sequel to The Incredibles, and Brad Bird’s writing the script. Yes! Happy days are here again! I don’t even want to think how long it’s been since The Incredibles came out, but I know it’s been a dog’s age. I can only guess the next film will show the kids maybe grown up, and I hope Frozone gets a lot more screen time than before, too. That was the only complaint I have against the movie; otherwise, it’s perfect.

California weather continues to depress me. The only good thing about abnormally dry weather is the fact that people hereabouts are encouraged to get out in the sun and be active. I’ve never seen my neck of the woods this busy insofar as walkers, joggers, and cyclists are concerned. It’s great, and it’s been an inspiration. I’ve upped my fitness regimen quite a bit even though I still wish it’d rain. I’ve added running to my usual cycling plan, and it’s yielding great results in the way it complements my time on my bike. Hopefully I’ll remember to bring my camera with me the next time I run or ride. I had my first sighting this year of wild turkeys, and it was glorious. Huge male turkeys in a group strutting about with their tails fanned – that was a lost opportunity. But I’ll do better next time unless my brain again decides to, you know, go on a siesta when it shouldn’t.

Cheyenne Publishing and Masks: Evolution

And the seasons come and go. Firstly, Cheyenne Publishing will be closing their doors on June 1. I’ve got one book published with them: The Glass Minstrel. Once I get my rights back, I’ll be forwarding the file to Queerteen Press for re-release (or for consideration for re-release, anyway – they can still reject it). If it goes through, the book will be given a new cover art and so on.

It’s a bummer, losing Cheyenne. They were the first (that I know of) small press who specialized in historical gay fiction (even historical gay YA). Unfortunately it’s a small market, and historical gay YA is even ten times smaller than that. Contemporary fiction is always super popular, understandably, and judging from my own sales, fantasy still trumps historical. I loved working with Mark. He’s a very low-key and modest guy, and he deserves applause for taking on this market and doing his best offering readers something different from the usual stuff out there.

So you’ve got till then to get a copy of The Glass Minstrel in its original cover.

Secondly, I just got official word that Masks: Evolution is now out of print. So you won’t be able to snag a copy unless it’s a used paperback, but if you’ve just read Rise of Heroes, I suggest holding off till the 2nd edition comes out. It’ll be edited within an inch of its life and given a new cover for its re-release.

I’ll be updating the necessary book pages later after I come home from work.

TGM Guest Blog Now Up (Yep, Giveaway Ahoy)

Okay, here’s the heads up. XD My guest blog is now up at The Novel Approach Reviews, and I’m doing an e-book giveaway thingie over there. While I started out talking about the musical inspiration of the book (no surprise there!), I did go over other aspects of the writing process behind it. It was the hardest book I’ve written to date, and I go over those reasons as well. Anyway, trundle on over, and if you haven’t read the book yet, give it a shot and toss your name in the hat. :)

Drumming My Fingers Here

Trying to put together my guest blog post for The Novel Approach Reviews, which is scheduled for this Saturday (cutting it pretty darned close, aren’t we?). I’ve talked so much about about The Glass Minstrel since it came out three years ago that I’m tapped. ^^;;; I might have to use familiar items for the benefit of those who’ve never heard of me or the book.

Oh… look. Heavenly voices singing one of my favorite carols in gorgeous German (Nat King Cole, please take note – I love you, but your German sucks).

If you’re interested in getting a free e-book of The Glass Minstrel, watch this space for my guest blog alert. :) In the meantime, I think this little puzzle is very much a three-pipe problem. Or three-coffee-drinks problem. The latter’s appropriate since I’ll be tackling this tonight after work.

Coupl’a Reviews and Stuff

I always feel embarrassed posting promo stuff here. It doesn’t matter how many years I’ve been in this gig, and it doesn’t matter if I purposefully put together this blog/site in order to have a nice, comfy corner on the web where I can chill and also get all sparkly special snowflake on everyone whenever reviews and giveaways come up.

So, uh, sorry. But I’m all sparkly special snowflake right now – because two reviews.

Firstly, The Novel Approach Reviews just posted a review for The Weeping Willow:

This is a story of courage, not of overcoming fear but of recognizing the very human gifts one has been given—a life, a soul, friendship, compassion—and being brave enough to gather that into the desire to be more than the spell that’s been cast. It’s the story of an unlikely bond between a boy and a tree that has taken on the role of becoming warmth and shelter and refuge—all the things a home should be.

And Reviews by Jessewave posted one for Benedict a few days ago:

The writing of Benedict quite surprised me. It’s been a while since a story managed to challenge me. There is a lyrical quality to the style of writing as well as hidden meanings. It’s almost like reading a fairy-tale. It was quite a treat to read. At the same time, it may not be for everyone. If you like straightforward stories, then you might be quite put off by Benedict.

Sadly, Reviews by Jessewave will be shutting its doors early next year. But the site will remain open in order for readers and authors to be able to access old reviews and posts.

In other promo news – sorry! – I’ll be back at The Novel Approach later this month twice more to give The Glass Minstrel a signal boost (guest blog and giveaway time!) because it’s that time of the year for that novel, and I just plain want to give it another chance to be heard. And after that, I’ll be on again to do a guest blog and giveaway for Masks: Rise of Heroes.

It’ll be non-stop for me (and you) from this point on, considering how my release schedule will be. After December, I’ve got Icarus in Flight in January, then Arabesque in February, and after a quick breather in March, Banshee in April. And then come the new books like Wollstone in May and Grave’s End in June, and God knows what else after that. ^^;;;;

Y’all have been warned.