Cover Art: The Twilight Gods (2nd Edition)

Well, lookit what I got earlier today:

I’m so pleased with the way the cover turned out, especially since, like Icarus in Flight, we used an image that’s public domain. Even better is the fact that the original painting is by Caspar David Friedrich, who only happens to be my favorite artist of the Romantic movement in the early 19th century. :D This one’s called “The Dreamer”, which pretty much works beautifully with young Norris.

Well, it’s not an accident that we ended up with the image. I specifically went around and dug up as many images of Friedrich’s works as I possibly could to go over with my publisher.

The Twilight Gods will be out on January 18.

Paperbacks for Ten Buckaroos at JMS

It’s been a while since I last posted, and truth be told, I’ll be insanely, deliriously happy when the holidays are over. I’m about three weeks behind on my writing for a variety of reasons, and that’s been adding to my stress levels.

As I’m not quite there yet – or, rather, not quite ready to post a lengthier blog entry at the moment – I’ll tide you over with a nice paperback sale alert over at JMS Books. In brief, all paperbacks are $10 a pop, no matter what length. And this sale will go on till the end of December.

Ya want some? Go heeyah for some goodies and stock up. :)

I’ll be back, hopefully soon, with updates on The Twilight Gods and/or general blabber. In the meantime, have a great weekend!

Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sale at JMS Books

I emergeth from the depths! Actually, I’ve been hanging out at Twitter the past few days because, yeah, during the craziest time of the year, communicating in 140-character staccato bursts are all I can manage. Good therapy.

At any rate, let me turn your attention to a nice sale going on this weekend through Monday over at my publisher’s site. :D

Click me! Click me! Click me!

This weekend, we’re having a HUGE SALE on our site.
All e-books are 35% off now through December 2nd.

Paperback Clearance: New titles added October 30. Check out our inventory and stock up on your favorite authors today! Quantities are limited — when they’re gone, they’re gone.

And that means, yeppers, that all of my books in e-book format are 35% off. Have at it, minions! And thank’ee. :)

There Be Shadows Hereabouts

Yeah, it’s that time of the year. Add to that the fact that I’m fiercely battling a head cold, that I’m putting in extra hours at work, that I’ve fallen a week behind on my writing, and I’m about to begin edits for The Twilight Gods, and you can see it’s going to be pretty gosh durned quiet around here.

I’ll also be over at Twitter, though not as much as before for the reasons just outlined. It’s quite likely my Twitter account will be quiet as well, but at least I can use it for occasional quickie updates when I have the time and the brain cell count.

I hope to be back next week. *crosses fingers* Most likely sometime in the latter half. In the meantime, good luck to those who’re working to get their NaNoWriMo projects done by the 30th, a Happy Thanksgiving to those who celebrate it, and best wishes for a great week for everyone, regardless!

Giveaway and Fun Stuff for Henning Books 1 and 2

Tanked up on tea, a nice, warm cat curled up on my lap, and here I am. BTW, did I mention that Guardians of the Galaxy is now available on streaming for purchase? I scream, I squee, I dance, I fucking BUY.


First up, giveaway! Head on over to The Novel Approach and toss your name into the hat. There’s an excerpt there, some fun pics I dug up that work with the story, and you get a chance to win both books one and two. :) Deadline will be November 23 (Sunday), and good luck!

Secondly, a review! Here’s a nice little review by Lisa over at TNA for Henning (Book 1): The Hunted Prince.

With humor and originality, warmth and understanding, and the promise of a fairy tale romance to come, Hayden Thorne introduces a world we’re only just getting a glimpse of. There’s magic and mystery and mayhem, action and adventure planted with the seeds of young love between the covers of this book, making it a fantasy for a teen audience that us grownups can love too. Read more

I’ll be updating my Contemporary Fiction page with it later today.

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