Read an E-Book Week Special at Smashwords (My Books Be Discounted, Yo)

Okay, looks like I do have some goodies for you guys for this week. I’m participating (for the first time) in the “Read an E-Book Week” over at Smashwords, which is one of the distributors of my books.

So from now till March 7, all of my books are 25% off over there. When you click on individual books for purchase, you’ll be given a coupon code. Use that.

Click on the image to go to my Smashwords author page

If you’re wibbling over certain titles, now’s a great chance to check them out. Hoard, baby, hoard! :D Kidding.


So I continue to flail around in a blogging drought of some kind. It’s been like this for months now, and I’ve no idea how to kick myself back into gear. Maybe this is psychological, after all that reading I’ve done online on writers, platforms, and blogging. Oh, for the good old days of random blog updates on anything and everything just to keep my site constantly updated. Sigh.

Too much information online. I need to shake all of those suckers off me and go with what I’ve always done through the years.

But I’m also compelled to get on today because of Leonard Nimoy’s death. It’s a sore blow for me – much more than any other celebrity loss in recent memory, that is. And it’s got a lot to do with his being such a huge sci-fi icon, one who’s very, very much an inextricable part of my childhood. I spent today pretty much reading everyone’s eulogies and tweets, and I also spent my day randomly shedding tears. So, yeah, I’m in a weird kind of a head space at the moment, though I did manage to write and edit and work out for an hour and a half on the trainer.

iO9 did a really nice tribute at their site.

So not only did Nimoy make an invaluable contribution to the success of Star Trek (inspiring other “outsider” characters like Data and Odo), he also helped change the way pop culture represented people who were strange and different. His sympathetic, nuanced portrayal of Spock meant a lot, not just to science fiction lovers like Asimov, but also to anyone who didn’t identify with the narrow range of types that were available in mass media at the time. Read more

In addition to Star Trek, the other series I enjoyed of his was In Search Of…

I absolutely loved this series. I was in grade school, and I followed this program religiously with my family. My favorite episode was the one on Easter Island. I swear to you, this show turned me on to Easter Island so that I went through this bizarre phase of writing and drawing a comic about a family that’d been shipwrecked there. Like Robinson Crusoe, though in this case, they didn’t even have any problems surviving. The kids played, the parents set up house somewhere within sight of those gigantic stone carvings…

And the characters were all beans. Not human, but beans. Like kidney beans. Only with faces and limbs. I think I drew the girls with bows on the top of their heads to differentiate them from the boys.

Do note, I was in grade school. As far as I was concerned, it was a cool-ass story, and I wanted to be there. The other episodes didn’t capture my imagination as much save for the myths and monsters and unexplained phenomena. The Loch Ness monster? Oh, yes, please! Bigfoot? Definitely! Ah, childhood.

And now he’s gone, but, man, what a legacy. RIP, Mr. Spock.

By the way, I still can’t do the Vulcan salute. How the hell do people do it? My fingers won’t move the right way.

‘Sheridan Diggins’ E-Book Giveaway at The Novel Approach

Third and last promo post in what will be a while – like, not till April again unless a cunning plan I have sees fruition in March. I’m doing an e-book giveaway over at The Novel Approach for Sheridan Diggins. As always, toss your name into the hat, and this time you’ve got till Friday to do it. Good luck!

Now Available: Sheridan Diggins and the Dead Horde

And here we have it! The first installment of a novella series is out, and it be an adult title, yes, it be. And here’s the blurb:

Book 1 of the Cecilian Blue-Collar Chronicles

The year is 8016, the planet, Cecilia, where questionable science and odd random events shape the daily lives of the descendants of colonists from Earth.

Twenty-one-year-old Sheridan Diggins flies a pre-owned clunker of an astro-cab for a living, struggling to survive. When his brother reminds him of a drunken promise he’s made to take him along in his astro-cab for a writing project, Sheridan doesn’t expect a humdrum day to turn into a nightmare involving a cursed space ship and corpses rising for a bit of mischief above ground.

Moreover, those undead creatures seem to be interested in no one else but Sheridan and Adley. Hungry and broke, Sheridan works to solve the bizarre mystery with the help of a trigger-happy teenage brother and a hapless tow ship owner. And what he uncovers is something neither questionable science nor bottomless pints of Owen’s Galactic Beer can prepare him for.

Again, as a reminder, JMS Books is having a Valentine’s Day Weekend Sale through Monday. That means all e-books, including new releases like Sheridan, are 30%. After that, though, all new e-book releases will be back to their usual discount of 20%, which will go on from Monday through next Saturday. Either way, you’ll still be getting a discount.

Now if you’re a gambling sort, I will be having an e-book giveaway over at The Novel Approach Reviews, and you can take your chance there as well for a free copy. I’ll be posting the link when the time comes.

So there you go – if you snag a copy, I hope you enjoy it, and thank you!

Valentine’s Day Weekend Sale at JMS Books

Two posts in one day! Well, willya lookit dat? This is a quick one that’s to your benefit. >:) JMS Books, LLC (which, yeppers, includes Queerteen Press) is having a Valentine’s Day Weekend Sale. And that means 30% off on all e-books through Monday. And, yes, that includes Sheridan Diggins and the Dead Horde, which would normally be on sale for 20% off when it comes out on Sunday. Lucky you, you’ll be able to get a copy for 30% off till Monday, and if you miss out, you’ve got the rest of the week till next Saturday to get a copy for 20% off. Am I confusing you yet? So head on to the JMS Books site, browse to your heart’s content, and have at it! If you want to go through my stuff over there, here’s the link.