‘The Romeo and Julian Effect’, Et. Al.


Egad. Okay, so I told myself to stay offline – or at least limit my online presence to e-mails and a random RT or two over at Twitter – until I finished my WIP. Aaaaannnd I did two nights ago. Yeehaw. The whole thing got a bit hairy because I was working against a hard deadline, and I also started seeing a doctor for my fatigue issues. As it happened, my hoped-for goal of getting the first draft plus revisions and initial edits done by the first week of June didn’t pan out.

At any rate, it’s done, and it’s called The Romeo and Julian Effect. AKA, the third installment of The Cecilian Blue-Collar Chronicles series.

For now, I’m decompressing through the weekend before diving back into the fray and continuing work on the seventh Masks book. It’s roughly about 75% done, so I’m not as worried about that as I was with The Romeo and Julian Effect.

I’m still toying around with self-publishing novellas next year, but I’ve yet to decide for sure. At the moment I’m still sorting through my health problems, and while my doctor’s got me on a pretty good regimen, I’ve only just started and wouldn’t really see the effects for a little while. And to append, I definitely won’t be able to continue self-publishing shorter works like Primavera this year for that reason.

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Lovely, lovely video of a gay fairy tale based on a children’s book. I’m afraid I’ll have to give you the link instead as the embed code from Hulu isn’t working for some reason. Anyway, here it is: The Bravest Knight Who Ever Lived.

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In one of my older posts, I shared a video for Nox Arcana’s “Night of the Wolf”. I purchased their Transylvania CD because the music intrigued me, and I don’t regret it at all. It’s a great CD to listen to for Halloween (of course), but I’ve been listening to it for inspiration.

To backtrack, the whole collection was inspired by Bram Stoker’s Dracula, which is another point in their favor. “Night of the Wolf” isn’t my only favorite song in the CD, and I’m planning to milk this CD for all its worth as I’d love to write a vampire story in the future. As in vampire from folklore or in classic horror fiction like Salem’s Lot (my favorite vampire novel – sorry, Stoker). It’ll be interesting, for sure, being inspired by music that’s been inspired by another book.

I do have to grab my own copy of Paul Barber’s Vampires, Burial, and Death: Folklore and Reality. I borrowed one from the library, and it’s such a great resource for some historical perspective on vampirism – with, crazily enough, a touch of dry gallows humor here and there – that I know I’m going to need it next to me when the time comes. It’s out of print, but used copies are available everywhere.

I think it’s high time for me to really, truly get going on the gothic stuff for next year.

Now Available: The Golem Upstairs


And so the second book of The Cecilian Blue-Collar Chronicles is now up over at JMS Books. The novella is marked down with a 20% new release discount for a week.

Book 2 of the Cecilian Blue-Collar Chronicles

Sheridan Diggins hasn’t had much luck in love. In fact, he hasn’t had much luck in anything, period. So when the prince of the underworld takes a sudden fancy to him, the future should look promising.

Or shouldn’t it?

Unfortunately, dating the youngest prince of the dead comes with a few complications. Yuli Soulweaver’s presence “upstairs” stirs up long-dormant magic, which adds to the baffling day-to-day experiences of Cecilia’s colonists. There’s also the danger of aliens and colonists discovering the existence of a magical universe, which could blow the lid wide open between two worlds that aren’t meant to come together.

The worst part, of course, is the fact that someone from Yuli’s world appears to have discovered the lovers’ dirty little secret and has taken the step of sending a mindless monster to do away with Sheridan.

Suddenly, paying the bills takes a backseat to Sheridan’s bizarre love life.

Note that I’ll be doing an e-book giveaway over at The Novel Approach tomorrow. Watch this space for more info.