Ansel of Pryor House Cover Art and Blurb

And here’s something shiny and new that’s coming out next month. Ansel of Pryor House is my next historical fantasy novella, and it clocks in at around 39,500 words. Very much at the high end of the novella word count scale, at least according to my publisher’s guidelines. It’s an original fairy tale, it’s gothic in atmosphere, and it’s rather darker in theme than what you’d normally expect from any of my other original fairy tales. While not brutal or bloody, there’s also alcoholism, physical and verbal abuse, as well as dark justice being meted out.

Here’s the book’s blurb (rough-ish version, still to be edited by my publisher):

Fifteen-year-old Ansel Tunnicliffe has lived a harsh life. Abandoned by his mother and his siblings to a drunk and abusive father, Ansel knows nothing more than hunger, fear, pain, and loneliness.

One evening, a wealthy stranger appears, challenges Mr. Tunnicliffe to a game of cards, and easily wins. The prize? Ansel. The terrified boy is whisked away to a remote and mysterious house, whose stern and aristocratic mistress takes Ansel in for a purpose that remains elusive to him.

Little by little, however, Ansel discovers additional secrets in every magical room of Pryor House – secrets that are somehow linked to him and Miss Peveler’s strange interest in his welfare. One of those secrets also turns out to be a young boy who haunts Ansel’s lonely hours and who may very well hold the key to Ansel’s future and the shadowy history of Pryor House.

This book will be out on May 10, and I’m set to do an e-book giveaway on May 16.

Later on this year, another gay YA historical fantasy novella will be published, and it’ll be this story’s companion piece in a future two-novella print anthology. :) They’ll be thematically similar and will also run the same length. My current immersion in novella-writing has been bearing good fruit, and there’s really a lot that can be said about the crazy discipline it takes to stick to one plot despite the temptation to veer off the road here and there. I’m absolutely loving this exercise, as I call it, and once I’ve got the rest of my upcoming novel-length stuff out by the end of this year, I’ll be back to honing my pared-down-plotting skills with more novellas next year.

Now Available: Curse of Arachnaman (2nd Ed.)

And here it is! Curse of Arachnaman (2nd Ed.) is now available in e-book format through JMS Books. Go here for the book page. As I’ve noted before, there are only pretty minor tweaks done to the book – just cleaning up of sentences and making Eric’s voice consistent throughout the series, i.e., make him sound more like an ordinary teenager and not a wannabe hipster.

And as usual, for the first week, you’re entitled to a 20% new release discount if you purchase directly from the publisher. Also, I’ll be hosting an e-book giveaway over at The Novel Approach on April 18. Watch this space.

I’m currently working through Masks #7 (still untitled), and while I’m over the halfway point, it’s been a bit of a slog, which means I won’t be able to submit it to my publisher for my target release date. So what I did was restructure my release calendar for the rest of the year in order to accommodate that, and it includes moving Desmond and Garrick (1-2) up from early next year to July and August. Masks #7 won’t be out till autumn.

It’s going to be a tough year, release-wise (a book a month at this rate), but at least we’ll have all of my out-of-print titles finally out again, which frees up all of 2016 for fresh new material. \O/ And I, for one, can’t wait.