Updated Listing: ‘Primavera’

A quick heads up to everyone: I’ve just updated my listing for Primavera, my self-published short novella (originally released last March). In brief:

1. I’ve taken down the book from Amazon. I’m one of those writers who no longer wish to sell anything over there on principle. Any future self-published books won’t be available there, either. For Kindle users, you’re welcome to purchase your copies from other sources.

2. I’ve lowered the price to 99 cents, which reflects the permanent price point I’ll be using for books under 20K words. This is in reference to future self-published books. So if I’m going to self-pub Guardian Angel (very much a reality at this point, considering my current word count), it’ll be priced at $4.99.

3. I’ve uploaded the book over at All Romance E-Books as well. So for multiple formats, you’ve got Smashwords and All Romance E-Books for your go-to places for different digital files. I’ll be following the same route for future self-published titles.

Now Available: ‘Monsters, Science, and Fanatics’

Aaaaannnd the last installment of Sheridan Diggins’ adventures is finally out. The fourth novella is now available over at JMS Books as well as other sites like Smashwords.

Here’s the blurb:

Book 4 of the Cecilian Blue-Collar Chronicles

It’s been a while since Sheridan’s spent time with Yuli Soulweaver, who, in the last moment before he left Sheridan’s side, appeared to have been drugged or caught in a terrible spell that left the prince ill and barely functional. With wish-granting knight Clonia also out of the picture, Sheridan’s left floundering for answers. Then, after what should have been a nice, relaxing time with his little brother, Sheridan’s world goes into a tailspin when Adley’s kidnapped by Sheridan’s tormentors and held hostage.

The demand is for Sheridan to bring Yuli back, which means Yuli has vanished from the land of the dead, and no one — especially Sheridan — knows his whereabouts. Now Sheridan, Milo, and Grandma Janet are forced into a race against time while the door between the two worlds opens farther, and Cecilia’s Earthling colony is suddenly attracting the wrong kind of underworld attention.

Go here to buy the book in different formats (it’s only available as an e-book) as well as to read an excerpt. The book’s discounted at 20% off for a week as a new release title. Also, as a heads up, the print book containing all four novellas will be out next month. If you’re waiting for the collection, that’s when it’s coming out.

If you’ve been keeping up with Sheridan’s (mis)adventures, thank you! I hope you enjoy the conclusion of his nutty story.

Quoth the Raven: “Never Mind.”

I can’t allow this day to pass without a worshipful hat tip to Edgar Allan Poe, one of my all-time favorite writers, whose gothic short fiction might as well be full-length novels, given their heft. And, nope, I’m not referring to his language. Imagery, tone, atmosphere, psychological layers, horrific elements – you name it, those stories have it in spades.

Happy birthday, Mr. Poe!

In other news, I’m currently scouring the ‘net for sources of great cover art for e-books in the event I’ll be self-publishing Guardian Angel. I must admit the possibility is turning into reality, the longer I work on the book. I think most M/M publishers have a maximum word count, and this book is rather plot-heavy, so if the final length either reaches or goes beyond publishers’ requirements, I’ll be taking charge of it, myself.

That said, even if it didn’t go well beyond 100K words, I should still open myself up to self-publishing it unless I decide to let someone else fret over further edits and stuff. Still on the fence over the whole print book thing.